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The PaCSON network is inclusive and welcoming to all eligible countries within the Pacific region. PaCSON Membership is open to all nations of the Pacific who are located within the Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia regions. The definitions for these regions are set using the regional definition set by the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).

Those seeking to gain Membership to PaCSON must meet the following criteria:

Be represented by:

  • a national CERT/CSIRT where one exists; and/or  
  • the Government organisation responsible for coordinating a national response to a cyber security incident on behalf of the government; and/or
  • a point of contact designated by the relevant government.

PaCSON is an operational network and PaCSON Members must have technical expertise, or the ability to draw on others with such expertise. The PaCSON is a network of working-level officials and day-to-day representation, including at the AGM, Cyber Security Information Exchange, and Cyber Security Workshops, should be at the working-level. PaCSON Members must not be vendors or seek to sell products. PaCSON Members are part of a community of cyber security professionals and experts. There are numerous benefits of PaCSON Membership, some include:

  • access to a network of cyber security experts;
  • the opportunity to develop best practice for the Pacific and share information;
  • the opportunity to develop cyber security incident response capability;
  • an invitation to attend the PaCSON Cyber Security Information Exchange;
  • an invitation to attend PaCSON Cyber Security Workshops;
  • the opportunity to share ideas relating to cyber security tools and techniques;
  • the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded cyber security professionals to deliver benefits to Pacific constituents.

If you are interested in learning more about Membership with PaCSON, please contact the PaCSON Secretariat.