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Organisation Name
National ICT Authority (NICTA)

The National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) is a government agency responsible for the regulation and licensing of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Papua New Guinea.

NICTA regulates:

  • broadcasting
  • radio communications
  • telecommunications

NICTA was established on the 29th of October, 2010, as the sole converged regulator and licensing authority of the ICT industry in PNG. This followed the adoption by the PNG Parliament in November 2009 of the National Information and Communications Technology Act 2009 (the NICT Act) an subsequent creation of the National Information and Communications Technology Authority or NICTA.

The aim of the Act is to ensure the ICT industry contributes meaningfully to the long-term economic and social development of PNG in line with national goals and directive principles and the basic social obligations of the constitution.

The Act also calls for the ICT industry to be regulated in a manner that promotes consumer welfare through an equal, transparent, technology neutral, timely and non-discriminatory measures.

NICTA works closely with all stakeholders while ensuring industry compliance with licence conditions, codes and standards.

NICTA also monitors the effects of regulations to ensure they are responsive to the wider community’s needs.