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The cooperative and collaborative nature of PaCSON is complimented by PaCSON Partners and Corporate Affiliates. The support of these partnership roles to the activities of PaCSON enables improved cyber security capabilities and readiness to PaCSON Members.

These partnership positions are directed at those entities which share common cyber security goals and can actively contribute to the efforts of the PaCSON community.

Eligibility for PaCSON Partners includes:

  • be a not-for-profit organisation; an academic institute; or a government agency;
  • demonstrate their relevance to the cyber security community;
  • be active in the Pacific region; and
  • obtain the sponsorship of a minimum of two (2) PaCSON Members.

Eligibility for PaCSON Corporate Affiliates includes:

  • organisations must be a cyber security-related commercial entity that will support and contribute to the PaCSON;
  • share PaCSON’s vision;
  • be willing to partner with PaCSON to achieve this vision; and
  • signing a Memorandum of Understanding agreement with PaCSON.

If you are interested in learning more about Partnership or Corporate Affiliate status with PaCSON, please contact the PaCSON Secretariat.