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Published:  October 17, 2022

Just like in the ocean, you can encounter unknown threats in an online environment. PaCSON is pleased to welcome back its annual public awareness raising campaign – Cyber Smart Pacific. In 2022, this campaign has been refreshed and introduces four new characters who will help you to UPSIZE, UPGRADE, UPDATE and UPHOLD your individual cyber security practices.

This campaign is a collaborative effort across the region through PaCSON, and is designed to help our colleagues, constituents and communities to improve their cyber security practices. The Cyber Smart Pacific campaign advocates, promotes and includes four key actions individuals can implement to protect themselves better. These include:

  • UPSIZE your passwords – so they’re long, strong and hard to crack
  • UPGRADE to two-factor authentication – so your online accounts have double protection
  • UPDATE your apps & software – to keep bugs and viruses out
  • UPHOLD your privacy – to keep your personal information secure

More information about the Cyber Smart Pacific 2022 campaign can be found below:



If you, or a friend, family member or colleague experiences an online incident, report it to your local PaCSON Member. PaCSON is a community of cyber security professionals from across the Pacific region who collaborate together to identify cyber security issues and support each other to find a resolution. By reporting, you are contributing to the lessons that can be shared with other Pacific countries and assist in raising awareness of cyber security.

PaCSON Member details can be found here:

Special thanks to CERT NZ for their assistance with this campaign.