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Published:  June 30, 2021

Every 12 months, the PaCSON community comes together to celebrate and recognise our efforts and to plan for the coming year. In 2021, the PaCSON Annual General Meeting was held virtually over three days due to COVID-19 restrictions – with great success – and reflected on what we have achieved and planned for where our journey is next headed. Part of the meeting was opportunity to welcome and celebrate our new 2021/22 Executive Committee.

On behalf of the PaCSON Membership, the Secretariat is pleased to announce that in 2021/22 PaCSON’s leadership will include:

  • Tonga as our new Chair
  • Cook Islands as our Deputy Chair
  • Vanuatu as our Incoming Chair

The PaCSON community, the PaCSON Executive Committee and Secretariat acknowledge the strong leadership from our outgoing Chair, Samoa. Over the last two years, Samoa has been leading the Executive Committee and the PaCSON Community, and has been a key driver in promoting PaCSON’s work and advocating for a more resilient cyber Pacific. As Chair, the leadership, contribution and perseverance shown by Samoa during these difficult times is commended and our entire PaCSON community is thankful for their efforts.

During the three days program, some of the topics PaCSON discussed include:

  • Learning about big-data sets and understanding what data is, how it is collected, what threat information can be inferred from collecting data, how it can be used to help set priorities and show areas of concern.
  • The positive and long term impacts that can be gained from conducting proactive awareness raising efforts.
  • The COVID-19 supply chain and how increased attraction from a range of malicious cyber actors can be deterred.
  • Exploring Cloud based solutions and understanding common challenges as well as practical hints and tips to help overcome common barriers.