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CERT Vanuatu (CERT VU) is the central cyber security information and incident response hub for Vanuatu. We serve with primary objectives to respond to malicious incidents penetrating Vanuatu’s Internet and IP communications network. Our goals are to promote cyber security awareness, respond to detected and reported threats in Vanuatu. We drive to ensure information accountability and integrity by placing efforts into limiting the failure of information availability and/or loss of information.

 Our primary objective of the CERT VU is to prevent, detect and mitigate malicious incidents identified in Vanuatu’s IP communications network and the private sector domain. Secondly, we will respond to malicious incidents, provide advisories, guides and awareness to government employees, private sector employees and individuals.

We work and effectively collaborate closely with dedicated government entities, law enforcement, private sector partners, international partners, non-government organizations, academic institutions, Internet users and communities to strengthen and tighten security procedures relative to safeguarding the Vanuatu’s IP communications network and cyberspace.

We are the cyber security arm of the Office of the Officer of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), which has been vigorously working hard to improving Vanuatu’s Information Communications Technology (ICT) environment and National Security.

We value the importance of cyber security and national security hence, with efforts put into our national cyber security policies and our national security strategy, we continue to strive to protect and secure our ICT environment and Cyberspace.