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The Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Fiji is responsible for keeping Fijians connected both to each other and to the outside world by ensuring the provision of efficient, competitive, cost-effective and accessible telecommunication.

The Ministry engages with the general public over radio, television, print and online mediums to keep the Fijian people updated on Government’s plans and policies, and to promptly alert the public of important information relating to public safety and security. 

The Ministry comprises the Department of Information, Digital Government Transformation Office, Department of Communication, and the Information Technology and Computing Services (ITC). 

The Ministry is spearheading the digitalFIJI Programme, a digital Government transformation initiative which optimises and digitalises key Government services which is focused on a citizen-centric approach through the establishment of a common services platform, data harmonisation, release of software and mobile applications (digitalFIJI app and the careFIJI app) to dramatically increase accessibility of Government services. The Ministry manages the entire government ICT network and infrastructure.